Praise Team Monthly

Sunday, December 4, 2022, 2nd week of Advent

Opening Hymn: In Excelsis Deo Lead sheet CCLI 5465941

Hymn of the Day:  O Come, O come Emmanuel,  LW 31  vs 4-6

Offering / Meditation:  Gratitude Lead sheet vs 1,2 refrain CCLI 7158417

Offertory:  Praise and Thanksgiving LSB 789 [all 3 verses, they are short]

Communion Songs:  Lord Jesus Christ, Life-giving Bread  LSB 625

       Behold the Lamb Lead sheet CCLI 5003372

Post-Communion Canticle:  Prepare the Royal Highway  LSB 343 v.1,4

Closing Song: Even So Come  Lead sheet CCLI 7036288

Dec. 11, 3rd week of Advent

Opening Hymn: Advent Hymn – C. Nockels (7071465) Lead sheet

Hymn of Praise: This is the Feast LW pg. 182

Hymn of the Day:  On Jordan’s Banks  LW 14 v.1-2, 4-5

Offering / Meditation –Glory in the Darkest Place Lead sheet (CCLI 7077597)

Offertory:  The Advent of our God LW 12 [let’s do all 6 verses since it is so short]

Communion Songs:  The Infant Priest Was Holy Born LSB 624

Here is Bread, here is wine Lead sheet

Post-Communion Canticle: Savior of the Nations Come  LW 13 v.1-2, 8

Closing Song: Your Name (Christmas version) Lead sheet CCLI 7005511

December 18, 3rd week of Advent

Opening Hymn: King of Kings Lead sheet

Gathering Song:  Once in Royal David”s City  LW 58  

Children’s Christmas Pageant

  KIDS – He is the Gift 

Hymn of the Day : Away in a Manger (kids sing vs 1 and congregation sings vs 2 and 3)

KIDS – We wish you the Christ at Christmas

Offering Meditation Song:  Emmanuel (Hallowed Ground)  Lead sheet 5601640

Offertory:  O little town of Bethlehem  LSB 361 v.3-4

Closing Song: I Love to Tell the Story Lead sheet

Dec 24, Candlelight Service

Opening Hymn:   In the Bleak Midwinter (Gloria) Lead sheet CCLI 7166370 [with cello]

Kyrie (printed in bulletin with notes) LSB pg. 186

Gathering Song: O Come, All Ye Faithful   LW 41 [Ken and Bill play trumpet]

Alleluia and Verse: Alleluia to the tune of Sussex Carol [same tune for LSB 377] Pastor to chant the verse

Hymn of the Day:  Sing We Now of Christmas Lead sheet CCLI 2528654

Offering / Meditation: Gesu Bambino (piano/violin) Guest musician: Katie Peterson (violin)

Offertory: There is a Redeemer v.1,3 and chorus Lead sheet (CCLI 11483

Candlelight Song: Silent Night LW 68

Closing Song: Hark the Herald Angels Sing  LW 49  [Ken and Bill play trumpet]