Our women’s ministry here at Ascension is simple. We are simply a group of women who know that we are in need of God. We do not come together with the idea that we have something to bring. Instead we come with our need for Jesus knowing that He has everything and is everything that our hearts long for. We welcome all women, members and non-members, and no prior bible study experience is needed. The only requirement is a desire for more.

Ladies’ Small Group Study

Join our ladies’ group as they read “Pew Sisters; Real Women, Real lives, Real lives of God’s Faithfulness”.  Every woman in the pew has a story to share of God’s faithfulness in her life and our women love nothing more than to revel in one another’s experiences and celebrate the sisterhood of believers.

Women of all ages are invited to join in.  The first session will be on Saturday, January 19th at 10:30am at Ascension.