WEDNESDAYS — 7am.  Members and friends of Ascension gather at the Panera Bread in Wexford (in the meeting room) for coffee and discussion.  This is a casual gathering of guys.  We share what’s going on in our lives and have quite a few laughs along the way while supporting one another in our struggles and celebrating our successes.

WEDNESDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY – 10:00 a.m. weekly.  The discussion centers on a Chapter and Verse Bible study, the topic varies from time to time.  Join this lively group for Bible study and fellowship!


The Great Deceiver

This four-session Bible study examines the most perverse character in Scripture: Satan. “Beast,” “accuser” and “evil one,” this “roaring lion” as the apostle Peter calls him, is adept at changing his appearance and cunning in his deceit. Popular culture may portray the devil as a cartoon character in a red jumpsuit, as needing our sympathy, or has having gone down to Georgia, but those characterizations only muddy the waters.

Though defeated with his end certain, Satan is still on the prowl. The Great Deceiver-spend some time getting to know him … from the Bible’s point of view. Join us at Ascension on Sundays at 11am beginning January 21, 2018.






SUNDAYS – 11 a.m. til Noon — Second Adult Study To Be Announced