The Men’s Saturday Bible Study meets on the fourth Saturday of the month.  Fellowship starts at 8:30 AM and the Bible Study begins at 9:00 AM.  This group meets in the Fireside/Conference Rooms.  All men are welcome to attend!  

Currently our men are reading Grace Upon Grace by John Kleinig.

The longing for spiritual fulfillment, inevitable paired with spiritual frustration, is common among Christians. Do we read and study the Bible enough? Do we worship often and in the right way? Do we pray enough, in the correct way, and for the right things? How do we become truly spiritual? And the answer from the numerous self-help spirituality books only lead to confusion and the fear of missing key steps on the road to becoming spiritual. In response, John W. Kleinig clarifies that there is no process for becoming spiritual. Instead, God graciously gives to us every spiritual gift we need, beginning with the very gift of faith in Christ, our Savior. Because God has joined us to Christ, He continually comes to give us life.