Music is offered during Worship Service in praise to our God and Savior. The Worship Team consists of keyboard, guitars, and vocals to lead the congregation in both traditional and contemporary music each week. Hymns and praise songs are coordinated with the theme of the sermon to enhance the meaning of the message, present a more complete Worship experience, and bring us closer to Christ.

Opportunities exist for those who wish to sing or play instruments. The Adult Choir meets weekly for rehearsal and fellowship, and the group sings during Worship Service an average of once per month. The Handbell Choir also meets weekly to present musical offerings. Children learn to sing songs through Christian Education and occasionally share them with the congregation.

Adults and children who are interested in joining us to express God’s Word through music may contact Vanessa Candreva, Music Director, or check the church calendar and come to a rehearsal.


Worship Song Play List