Praise and Prayer Wednesdays

Please join us as we gather to pray for one another, our community, our state and our world. A short devotion followed by a time of prayer. 10am at Ascension Lutheran Church.  Join this lively group for Bible study and fellowship!


Character Counts; Building a Life That Pleases God

This adult study is based upon Chuck Swindoll’s book: Character Counts, Building a Life that Pleases God. Character; the concept might stir a variety of feelings: admiration, confusion or even guilt. Our character dictates the kinds of decisions we make and determines how we will treat those around us. In the ups and downs of life, godly character serves as a stabilizing force, keeping us anchored in Christ. This study is intended to give practical guidance on how to embody godly character traits in our daily lives. Join us Sundays at 11am at Ascension beginning Sunday January 27, 2019.








Reading Romans with Luther

Step into Luther’s commentary on Romans—without intimidation. Even though Martin Luther taught about the Book of Romans half a millennium ago, his writings have everything to do with your life today. The grace God shows you is a gift, not something you need to earn, and Luther shows us this again and again.

Organized by significant themes in Romans, Reading Romans with Luther offers highlights from Luther’s commentary and further explains how these themes are relevant to our lives today. Weaved throughout is beautiful full-color artwork that helps you pause and reflect on key Luther quotes.

Luther was a teacher who revolutionized the way we approach God’s Word. Come be his student Sundays at 11am.