Pastor’s Blog: Put On Your New Self

clothed-in-christNeed to make some changes in your life?  Big changes?  Do you even know what changes you need?  If you feel deep down that something isn’t right, that your life is unhappy in a fundamental way or that you are lacking deep satisfaction, you probably know that something needs to change.    God wants us to change from the inside.  He wants us to “put off” our old self and “put on” our new self.  Ephesians 4:22-24.  That new self involves a life in active relationship with God.  Change is easier said than done, right?  Absolutely.  But not only has Christ made your new self already possible and attainable, He gives you the resources to make the changes.  He’s inviting you to have the joy and satisfaction that you are seeking.  Will you accept His invitation?

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